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Continuous Distillation of Ethanol

On September 25, 2009 our first continuous still kit was put on the internet.

We have the first, and ONLY, small scale continuous distillation system for sale. We define "small scale" to be anywhere from 2 quarts an hour to 30 gallons an hour.

A continous still runs forever unlike a more traditional batch still. The appliance pumps your "beer" in one end, and ethanol and spent beer comes out the other.

A normal still has a large pot you bring to up to temperature which takes 2 to 10 hours, Then you wait an hour or two for the still to "stabilize", then you "run" your still for another 4 to 18 hours to get your high proof product. When all done, you spent hours and hours of your life, and have a few gallons of fuel to show for it.

Continuous is MUCH harder to design, and until now no one could figure out how. Our products typically come up to temperature in less then 20 minutes, stabilize in 10 minutes, and make product at amazing rates.

Small Continuous Taz. 95 percent ethanol, 2 quarts an hour, 12 gallons a day, 85 gallons a week. Price is $795.00, shipping INCLUDED.

Medium Continuous  2 - 3 gallons an hour. 

Large Continuous



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